Memorial ENT offers advanced treatment options to aid in alleviating your ear, nose and throat conditions. Our otolaryngologist also offers minimally invasive surgical procedures, including balloon sinuplasty, eustachian tuboplasty and fiberoptic evaluation of swallowing. These procedures can be performed in the office, which save you time and money and significantly decrease pain.

Contact our office with any questions regarding the otolaryngology services offered at Memorial ENT. We look forward to providing relief for your condition. We provide services pertaining to

  • sinus disorders
  • allergy
  • sleep apnea/snoring
  • office based procedures (minimally invasive procedures)
  • chronic sinus conditions
  • sinus headache
  • allergy
  • voice disorders
  • chronic ear disease
  • thyroid/parathyroid disorders
  • pediatrics
  • head and neck tumors
  • hearing and balance testing
  • hearing device dispensing